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About Me

Growing up on the East Coast of Australia in an ocean-loving family, my saltwater adventures started early in life. Sailing with my grandfather and father, fishing and surfing with my uncle, learning to cook seafood with my mother, spearfishing and abalone diving with my friends and cousin, this is how I spent every spare moment growing up.

After saving for years to buy a car, I decided to spend my money on a video-camera instead, and as soon as school finished, I begun filming my adventures. After a number of years working as a labourer and pouring beers at the local pub, I finally had my chance on television and was lucky to secure a regular segment on a travel program with my best mate and a few years after that we had our very own adventure travel series on air. This series took us all around the world, we filmed on six of the seven continents and visited some of the most wonderful, crazy, beautiful and wild places on the planet. My travel obsession was now my full time job and I couldn’t have felt more lucky!

In between filming for our travel show I would continue with my oceanic adventures, doing yacht deliveries around Australia to hone my skills as a sailor, always dreaming to one day captain my own boat. When I was offered a position in Infinity’s upcoming expedition filming with Nico Edwards (creator of The Sea Gypsies) through the Pacific and the Northwest Passage, I jumped at the opportunity and moved onboard, not realising I would then spend the next year living on this boat and sailing her to some of the world’s most remote, wild and unpredictable environments. 


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