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Living from the sea

All these pictures were taken by a friend of mine, an incredibly talented photographer Michaela Skovranova for The New York Times.

As COVID spread its devastation around the world, most of us were forced into isolation, for me that meant staying at home in Sydney, Australia for the longest time in at least 10 years. This was a time for simple living, family connection and living from the sea. Luckily for me, my local waterways were never out of bounds and so I still managed to get into old mother sea most days. 

When COVID started to take hold here in Australia, it wasn't long before panic set in and our supermarket shelves were cleared out by widespread panic-buying, so I resorted to my favourite food-procurement method, spearfishing. Not only is spearfishing the most sustainable form of fishing being extremely selective with no bycatch, but for me it is a moment to relax, to dive down into another world and spend time under the sea, my favourite place to be! The food I return home with is just an added bonus. 

A journalist from The New York Times came along on one of my spearfishing trips here in Sydney to create the following article. I have been teaching a friend of mine how to catch her own food so they were keen to include us in their story.

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