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Powered by the sun, propelled by the wind and fed by what they catch, this is true off-grid living and the ocean is their backyard. 

The Team

ISLAND DRIFTER EXPEDITIONS is our new project now being edited and will go to air soon! This series follows Tim and his fellow piratess Fran as they explore the world's oceans, surviving and thriving on what they can catch along the way. This is a tale of a couple who have turned their floating home into a 100% off-grid, self-sustainable adventure machine. 

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Kelly Peterson 46

Built in 1984, our new old vessel is a strong, capable and comfortable ocean-going cutter. After an extensive 2 year refit, Tim has converted her into a fully equipped, self-sustainable solar-powered, wind-propelled home to explore the world's oceans on. 



Tim Charody (Capt.) | Francieli Severgnini 

While Tim is as salty as they come, life on the ocean is something totally new to Fran who grew up in Brazil's interior. She has basically gone from learning how to swim to battling storms and swimming with sharks in the past year!

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Chilli Mudcrab onboard Tim Charody_edited.jpg
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Each episode we show you how we catch our food and more importantly, how we prepare it to eat. Follow along at home (or at the camp site) with these delicious, simple seafood recipes we prepare onboard. If we can cook these delicious dishes while living in the middle of the sea, you can too. 


Dive the most pristine places on the planet

Come explore the wonders of the ocean with us as we dive below the waves on some of the most remote and pristine coral reefs on the planet, places you can only get to by boat. We will address the sad reality of bleaching, climate change and ocean plastic but also take you to some of the most picture perfect places on the planet.

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The Sea

Currently we are sailing along the beautiful Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia and making plans to sail out into the Pacific in 2024.

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